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[sticky post] Welcome to my journal!

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Hello, Welcome to my journal. 

This is the Live Journal of me, Lillian Orchid or PurpleTartan as I’m known elsewhere on the internet. 

I use this Live Journal as a place to post general Journal entries and hopefully, my fan fiction/stories that I’ve written. I’m also an Artist of sorts. I wouldn’t say I’m an expert or even very good, but I do try very hard with all my works. :) 

I'm quite shy and introvert, so it may take me a while to post a lot of things, but hopefully I'll develop some confidence as I go on. :)

I don’t mind being added, if you’d like to be friends or would like to read/view my work. That’s perfectly fine by me. :)


Important links - 

Me on Archive of Our Own (AO3) -> http://archiveofourown.org/users/LillianOrchid/profile

My blog for randomness and things I find while I wander the endless web of the internet -> http://lillianorchid.blogspot.co.uk/

My Deviant Art page, where my art is located. (Note you must be a member to view most of my work, sorry about that. :( ) -> http://purpletartan.deviantart.com/

My YouTube page where I post videos of things I like or my gaming videos -> http://www.youtube.com/user/Lillian2167

I will also add an Index here when I start posting my fiction that way you can find the Stories you want to read a bit faster. :)

Story Index: 

The Professionals:
1. Changing Colours -> On LJ & On AO3 
2. The Scruffy Dog -> On LJ & On AO3 

BBC Sherlock Holmes

So, I finally gave in and watched it and... I loved it! I had doubts; as usually when something that was perfect in its own setting & era gets updated, It usually ends up ruined. However, this was not the case with the new Sherlock Holmes and the main reason I think this was, was the cast and a very well written Script and plot. The two gentlemen playing Holmes and Moriarty were bloody brilliant, both showing the right amount of quirkiness and Intellect that both the two characters are known for. The actor (whose name has escaped me & whose name I should know) who plays Watson also did a good job. In fact, I have no complaints for this series at all. Now I just need to do some catch up and watch all the previous episodes that I missed... BBC iPlayer here I come. lol 

-Lily ^_^