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It's Snowing!

Woke up this morning to thick snow everywhere and it looks so lovely and winter-y! :D Look, look! 

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The snow there in the back garden is about 3 inches deep! :D There's even more snow there now then there was this morning as well. \o/ 

Anyway, enough about the wonderful snowy weather. Yesterday I went to a Pros-y meet at the Scarsdale Tavern and met for the first time some of the wonderful people in our fandom. Everyone was super friendly and it was lovely to talk about Pros-y things and other things without earning the usual odd looks I get from my best pals whenever I mention something about our lads. It was also lovely to walk through Hyde Park which was covered with snow; next time I must remember to bring my camera along. :) 

How is everyone else's weekend going? Is it snowing where you are as well? :D 


Pros Fic: The Scruffy Dog

First of all I'd like to apologise for not posting Fic more often, I've always been more of an artist than writer, but I enjoy doing both so I have to try and find time for both. :) I was in two minds about posting this as no one but me has read it, but I thought I might has well. 

Title: The Scruffy Dog
Author: Lillian Orchid
Pairing and / or characters: Bodie/Doyle
Rating: Everyone
Word count: 772 (Or there abouts)
Warnings: none needed
Summary: Just some fluff I wrote after finding an old toy of mine. 
Notes: This was originally going to just be a couple of drabbles, but it ended up longer than I first expected. Not Beta'd; all mistakes are my own. Sadly, I don't own Bodie or Doyle, I just play with them now & then. 

I hope the cut works...

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This story can also be read here at AO3 -> AO3 Scruffy Dog post 

Bloody LiveJournal!

I hope this works as LiveJournal is acting up so badly for me atm. I checked their update-y thing and apparently they've blocked a ton of ISPs, which seems to be effecting me pretty badly here. :( I just thought I'd write while I can and tell you guys that I can't access much at the moment, especially my Inbox, so If you're waiting on a reply from me I'm sorry, but I'll answer as soon as I can. 


Happy Hogmanay/New Year! :D

Time has really gone fast hasn't it? I feel like this year has been a really good one though and I hope 2013 will be just as good for myself and all of you all of you as well. :D

Therefore, I would like to wish you, in good Scottish Tradition, a Happy Hogmanay!  

If I knew you all in person in true Scottish tradition I would give you these as a toast to the new year: 

A peice of coal; may you never be cold
A loaf of bread; may you never go hungry
A silver coin; may you never be poor
And finally a bottle of whiskey; may you never be sober! 

Mr Cowley would definitely approve of the last line I think. ;D lol 

Happy New Year everyone! :D 


New Kindle!

I got a new Kindle today as a Christmas present and I love it! I have no Idea how to work all of the things on it though and it took me half an hour to figure out how to turn the predictive auto correct thingy off. XD 

I'm also trying to figure out how to put some of the longer fan fic stories from AO3 on it, as it's hell for me trying to read them at the computer, but I'm getting confused. XD I'm sure I'll get there though. :D 

I hope everyone else is having a wonderful Christmas! :D 


Merry Christmas Everybody!!

As I may not be online tomorrow, I thought I'd come on today and wish everyone a Merry Christmas! :D No matter what holiday you celebrate, I hope you and your families have a wonderful time! :) 


Why do they do this to us?

A small rant ahead. Sorry about that. 

Apparently there is a new "Friends Page" and it looks like Tumblr. Now, I for one have not clicked to try the new friends page for the same reason that I don't use the new journal input page either; because the original ones work fine for me and are easier for me to use. I don't understand how Tumblr works, so I'm not even going to try this new friends page out. 

I really wish LJ would stop changing things that don't need changing... It's really annoying. The only new things that have really been useful have been sticky posts and being able to click view LJ-cuts. Page re-designs are never welcome in my book, especially when the original layout works just fine. 

Also for some reason Youtube has also been redesigned, Again! It's even worse now and the sub boxes are not working properly. There's no option to turn off Auto-playing on playlists and the Watch Later lists not longer act the way they used to. I'm really hating all these changes.

Can someone point out why they do these things to us, without warning and think it's a good thing? :( 

Anyway, that's my rant over. Sorry if I bored you, I just needed to have a bit of a rant. 

Edit: Apparently my password is against password rules or something and I have to change it? Why was I not told this 2 years ago when I first joined? So confused. 



More Lewis Collins Icons. :D

Made these about a week ago, but couldn't upload because my internet has been messing up a lot lately. :) As always, you may use these on your own LiveJournals, all I ask is that you credit me if you do. :D

I think I may be obsessed with Lew's tongue... Well, can you blame me? XD lol

Icons beneath the cut

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By the way, does anyone know if it's okay to post to the TeaAndSwissRoll & Safehouse Coms and then link back to my Journal? I wanted to share my icons over on those coms, but wasn't too keen on having to link/add all the icons onto another post again. :)

Some More Icons

A few more icons I made recently and thought I would share. I would've uploaded these yesterday, but for some reason my internet was absolutely terrible and wouldn't load most pages. :/

You may use these on your own LiveJournals, all I ask is that you credit me if you do. :D 

This set consists of more Bodie and Doyle icons. :)

Icons beneath the cut

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More icons! :D

A few more icons I made recently that I thought I'd share. :) You may use these on your own LiveJournals, all I ask is that you credit me if you do. :D 

This set consists of a few Martin Shaw ones (as himself) and some Lewis Collins ones (as Bodie). :)

Icons beneath the cut. 

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